More About Rev. Yolanda Brown CPE.


Thank you for clicking on my Bio!  I appreciate the courage you have taken to reach out for information and tools to heal the pain of your heart.

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I have had experiences with multiple losses in my personal life and they have both inspired and informed my work in bereavement counseling and care.  My Grandmother died when I was age 14, the first of many deaths of family members or influential mentors in my life. I was left devastated by the deaths of five neighborhood children in a house fire that I felt very close too.

 I have experienced another kind of loss that were just as devastating when I became divorced at the age of 28 and was left to raise a young son alone. In addition, the subsequent deaths of my father, mother and oldest sister also left me reeling from personal losses for which I myself sought relief and guidance, further informing my work on the subject of bereavement and loss.  

 The loss and bereavement experienced by the hundreds of families that I have counseled over the years have also touched me profoundly and made my work in this area a personal sojourn.  I have worked extensively with these families and it has provided me an experiential background that has proven successful in assisting most families and/or individual family members undergoing tremendous grief and loss. 


As a Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator, I have supported patients and their families in the Philadelphia/Tri-State area for the past 15 years.

My guidance has helped hundreds through the dying process while in hospice care.  My services have included in-depth processing of grief sessions with caregivers and their loved ones for thirteen months after death.

I strive to give them the support and the tools which will bring them into a renewed since of completion, utilizes the Grief Recovery Method or GRM, a method developed forty years ago and used successfully around the world as an action-based program for moving beyond the pain experienced due to death, divorce and other traumatic losses. "GRM is the best method to help the bereaved complete the conversation and enter a new phase of the relationship."

My goal is to reach as many grievers as possible with compassion and support. No one should have to grieve alone.

One on One/in person – Philadelphia, Delaware, South Jersey area, New Castle County, 4Week/Adult Session for When Children Grieve Book (Experience of 20 years Hospice), Pet Loss Handbook – Private or arranged group, Moving On In Relationships – Private or arranged group and 8 Week/Adult Sessions of Grief Recovery Method 

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