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Painting With a Purpose:

The purpose for the creative grief workshop would be to help participants in the healing process. Art was chosen because the creative process offers an active and tangible way of responding to the experience of loss. Art-making requires you to make choices and decisions and, in turn, can powerfully reflect back to strengths. The act of creating in response to loss can help to contain the powerful emotion.

 Unlike an art class where technique and skill are needed and perfected, painting with a purpose workshops will be unstructured, spontaneous and creative. It’s not about an ability or artistic skill but about the willingness to let go and explore what is within. Art can be a great way to express, relax, get dirty and discover new things about you.

This is not meant to be therapy but it will be therapeutic in assisting with the process.


In Home or Church Ministry



Workshop Faciliatation:

A successful workshop can have a profound impact on participants, introducing them to concepts and ways of thinking that can spark professional awareness and personal growth. In order to facilitate such an event, you need the right structure, process, and content. Heartache to Healing workshops are centered around educating the community about health, wellness, grief, loss and coping with life issues.

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Funeral Services/Memorial Services:

Do you know what to do?  Planning your own funeral or memorial service can provide peace-of-mind to you and your family.

Our aim is to assist people in honoring the memory of their loved ones in the best way possible. Heartache to Healing is here to provide your family the care and support they need throughout the difficult period.  We will guide you through the planning process, systematically to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

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