I don’t know where to begin but after getting through the first year of my moms passing has been a very huge challenge. I did not know how much our parents affect our everyday experience. By attending grief recovery I’m happy to say l am on a wonderful road to recovery. Parents can be a wonderful influence but also a hindrance if there is abuse. Everyone wishes for two loving parents but may not get them. What ever we do get most of us make the best of the situation. A lot of us don’t realize how much influence they have over us until we have children of our own. Many of us make decisions based on things we learned or perhaps saw family members do regardless most of the time we our pretty comfortable with the outcome. What I have discovered thru grief recovery is many things we do or feel our based on past experiences and how we feel about it. I encourage anyone who has had a difficult time sorting out how you may feel it may just have to do how you can put to rest your feelings and move forward with out guilt. Trust me it’s a wonderful feeling being free of many things that you are not responsible for but probably thought you were. Blessings
— R. Wiley

Grief, is the depth of oneself collapsing. It has no sound, no color, no discernment; only reason
& internal comfort. The catch… becoming silent enough to hear GODS call.
My experience upon Blue Mountain was my first introduction to his working. Surrounded by the
most endearing group of women and men. Some whom suffered tragic loss but managed to find
joy at the end of their journey. My wish was to find PEACE in the mists of my sorrow.
With every passing moment, my heart grew heavy. It was then, I realized, this is a journey I
would have to embark upon alone. My fears began to diminish with each step as I grew closer to
HIM. That wall of doubt, pain and depression recalibrated into growing strength.
How, you ask….?
Simple, I sought help. I learned to lean into those fears. Bringing me to my knees. Yet, closer to
His strength lies in us all. All he asks is that we come to him. Bring your sorrows, worries,
doubts & fears to him and he will ease our broken hearts.
It has taken me 3 years to completely ACCEPT the passing of my father. A man whom I veered
could win any battle he was faced with, except Cancer. Yet, when he was called home, I learned,
his life was a catalyst in bringing me home as well.
I am sincerely humbled from my experience at Blue Mountain. It was more than a fellowship
retreat with like-minded souls. It was thee introduction to my own salvation. One, that will live
with me forever. One, I will forever, be grateful for…

Gods Child and Humbled Servant,
— Ashley J. Broady

Great Experience!!! This was the most exciting and informative retreat that I have ever been to. It had such a warm and nurturing atmosphere. The grievance sessions helped me to understand so many things that I was experiencing during my difficult times. I got exactly what I needed to help me to face the reality of death and taught me the tools that I needed to learn how to live again. Thank You.
— M. Powell

I looked at the blank canvas and said I don’t paint. I sat and stared at the canvas all I could feel was how much I missed my father. Then I saw a sun so I drew it. Then I saw raging water but I heard in my spirit Peace be still greater days are coming. Out of my spirit I drew a picture with a rainbow, the word greater in the middle and on the bottom calm waters with peace be still written in the middle. I felt such a burden lifted from me when I looked at my completed work. Years later I look at that picture and know my father will always be with me in spirit and no matter what God is always watching over me.
— V. Moore

“It appeared simple enough. Take a piece of colored construction paper and build a story board out of the million pieces of newspaper clippings scattered out on the table. I had no idea where to start and just wanted the child in me to have some fun! The end result was a descriptive collage of the woman I am today. The image I created in this workshop was a reflection of who God says I am. I am forever grateful and look forward to returning again next year.”
— Chanel Baily-Walker

Participant, Chanel Baily-Walker described her experience processing grief and hope through art:

Event: Women’s Heartache 2 Healing Retreat | Read more here: https://www.heartlandhospice.com/Philadelphia

The Lord is good and worthy of all Praise I want to thank him for the many times I went up to the mountains for the retreat I experience women Being saved and delivered from all sorts of things.;;and Just seeing God work in my life and others. I am so so thankful and I’m grateful for you Yolanda. Praying 🙏 that you Will do it again.
— M. A. Warner

Hello hope all is well.
I really appreciate the retreat because it gave me a chance to focus on myself. During the writing exercise I participated in gave me the opportunity to reach deep and pay attention to my spirit for direction and purpose for my life.....thanks Yolanda for the inspiration
— E. Williams